20 Famous Street Foods in Dehradun: Exploring the Rich and Diverse Street Food

The capital of Uttarakhand, Dehradun, is famous for its street food as well as its culture and history. Dehradun provides a broad variety of cuisines, including North Indian, Pahadi, real Chinese, and Tibetan dishes. The greatest restaurants in the city are found on Rajpur Road, Astley Hall, Dharampur, Chakrata Road, and Mussouri Road. In this article, we will explore the 20 most famous street foods in Dehradun that you must try.

1. Bun Tikki

The Bun Tikki is unquestionably Dehradun’s best street food—it’s a vegetarian’s paradise. With each bite, a flavor explosion is produced by a crispy potato and lentil patty encased in a soft bun and topped with chutneys and spices. Visit the renowned Bun Tikki Wala near the Dwarka Store for the real deal, or check out the several vendors adding their own special touches to this well-loved favorite.

2. Aloo Kachori

Savor the deliciousness of Aloo Kachori, a golden-fried delight that will satisfy any need. These delicious treats, bursting with spiced potato stuffing, go well with steaming hot chai or tart chutneys. For an unforgettable flavor, make sure to try the renowned Aloo Kachori at Chetan Poori Wala, Hanuman Chowk.

3. Momos

The Tibetan dumplings known as momos have made a permanent home in the culinary centre of Dehradun. These adaptable treats may be eaten steamed, fried, or grilled, and they are loaded with juicy veggies or tender meat. For those who love momos, K.C. Momo’s & Soup Bar on Jakhan-Rajpur Road is a haven, serving you a variety of options to satisfy your cravings.

4. Chhole Poori

Chhole Poori, a classic North Indian treat, is a harmonious blend of light puris and fiery curry made with chickpeas. Every taste is absolute bliss—the vivid colors and enticing perfume are just the beginning. The place to go to experience this delectable combo that will have you licking your fingers is Buffet Snacks Shop on Rajpur Road.

5. Dosa

Dehradun’s delicious dosas are a testament to its appreciation of South Indian cuisine. A local staple, Madrasi Dosa on Chakarata Road serves crispy, paper-thin pancakes with a choice of delectable fillings. For the whole dosa experience, don’t forget to savor their sambar and coconut chutney.

6. Chowmein

The delectable joy of Chowmein brings the combination of Indo-Chinese cuisine to life in the streets of Dehradun. Noodles that have been stir-fried with meat, veggies, and a variety of sauces produce a harmonious blend of flavors and textures. A hidden gem in Kishan Nagar Chauk, the Best Chinese Fast Food Stall is well-known for its mouthwatering chowmein and ample quantities.

7. Bread Pakora

Bread pakoras are a simple yet highly addicting snack made of deep-fried bread pieces that have been spiced and dipped in a chickpea batter. These golden beauties, crispy on the exterior and tender within, are ideal for sating sudden hunger pains. Discover your favorite version of this straightforward dish by exploring the offerings of each street vendor.

8. Falooda Kulfi

Savor the creamy delight of Falooda Kulfi, a traditional Dehradun delicacy, on a hot day. In each bowl, layers of kulfi, vermicelli, fruits, nuts, and rosewater syrup produce a captivating sight. Popular for serving up traditional cuisine with a contemporary twist is Kumar Sweets, located close to the Clock Tower.

9. Tandoori Momos

Tandoori Momos are a distinctive and delectable take on the traditional momo, marinated in spices and perfectly cooked over charcoal. Gandhi Park’s Bobby Fast Food Corner is a well-liked location to sample this street food trend-setter that has both locals and tourists’ mouths watering.

10. Maggi Points

Maggi is loved more in Dehradun than just instant noodles since the city’s Maggi Points elevate this quick meal to gourmet standards. Maggi offers a creation to suit every taste, ranging from spicy to cheese-filled twists. Numerous well-known Maggi Points can be found on Mussoorie Road, and each one puts an own twist on the instant classic.

11. Samosa Chaat

A tangy and flavorful explosion of flavours, Samosa Chaat is a must-try street cuisine in Dehradun. A symphony of flavors and textures is produced when crumbled crisp samosas are combined with chutneys, spices, and fresh veggies. In Dehradun, it seems like there is a chaat booth at every market or chowk, so grab a plate and indulge in this delicious treat.

12. Aloo Tikki

Aloo Tikki, a crispy potato patty covered in spices and chutneys, is a tasty and substantial vegetarian dish. Every street vendor in the city has their own unique take on the dish, with a blend of spices and toppings that are kept a mystery until you find it.

13. Litti Chokha

The streets of Dehradun have welcomed this smokey delight from Bihar with open arms. Packed into dough balls, marinated minced meat or mashed sattu (roasted chickpea flour) is served with spicy chokha (mashed potato and brinjal chutney), and cooked in a clay oven. The place to go to experience the earthy flavors and textures of Litti Chokha is Mama Ji ke Katlambe in Moti Bazar.

14. Guptaji Ki Kachori

Guptaji Ki Kachori in Paltan Bazaar is more than just a food cart—it’s a landmark. Their kachoris are legendary; they are made with a special blend of spices and potatoes and melt in your mouth. Expect long waits, but believe me—the true street food experience is well worth the wait.

15. Kulfi

Kulfi is a must-try when exploring Indian street food, and Dehradun has a wide selection of flavors and textures. The city boasts everything from nutty pista kulfi to creamy malai kulfi. While contemporary stores like Natural Ice Cream offer creative twists on this traditional delight, Gaylord Ice Cream Parlour in Paltan Bazaar is well-known for its original kulfi.

16. Paan

A traditional paan will round off your delicious and refreshing Dehradun street food experience. Betel leaf bundles with spicy chunna (lime paste), fragrant cardamom, and sweet supari (betel nut) provide a distinctive and satiating end to your gastronomic adventure. Look around at different paan stalls to locate the ideal dessert for after dinner.

17. Bhature-Chole

There is no need to introduce Bhature-Chole, this power couple from Punjab. A rich, spicy chole stew with a punch and fluffy, perfectly puffed bhaturas are Dehradun’s delicious twist on this traditional dish. Go to Sharma Chole Bhature in Ghantaghar for a dish that will keep you full for hours.

18. Singed Corn

A typical evening snack in Dehradun is singed corn on the cob, a straightforward but incredibly irresistible street dish. Vendors perfect the smokey flavor of their charred kernels by adding lime and a hint of salt. Discover them roasting close to busy marketplaces and street corners, their aroma luring you in like a magnet.

19. Dahi Bhalla

This Dehraduni version of the popular North Indian dish Dahi Bhalla consists of soft lentil dumplings dipped in creamy yogurt and topped with spicy and tart chutneys. Perfect for a light lunch or a cool snack, each mouthful offers a wonderful play of textures and flavors. Don’t miss them at Kallu Ki Dahi Bhalle, a neighborhood landmark on Rajpur Road that is well-known for its age-old recipe.

20. Guntur Mirchi Bajji

Guntur Mirchi Bajji is a hot trip for spice lovers. Andhra Pradesh green chilies are deep-fried after being dipped in a chickpea batter, producing crunchy morsels with a powerful kick. For a taste of genuine Andhra cuisine that will stay with you, try them at Andhra Bhavan Restaurant in Ashok Nagar.

Top Spots for Foodie Adventures

The streets of Dehradun are lined with culinary fantasies; they entice with fragrances, mouthwatering sounds, and vivid colors that promise mouthwatering treats for all palates. Where should one even start when there are so many options? Do not worry, my fellow food enthusiast, as we will lead you to the top Dehradun street food locations:

1. Rajpur Road: Offering a wide variety of cuisines, Rajpur Road is the vibrant hub of Dehradun’s street food scene. This route offers a comprehensive gastronomic experience, from the famous Bun Tikki Wala to K.C. Momo’s & Soup Bar and Buffet Snacks Shop.

2. Paltan Bazaar: Guptaji Ki Kachori and the Gaylord Ice Cream Parlour welcome you as you enter this street food haven. In this age-old market that defies time, haggle your way to street food ecstasy.

3. Chakrata Road: Do you want the tastes of South India? For a flavor of the south, head to Chakrata Road and try Madrasi Dosa and Cafe Sparrow. For a genuine taste, tuck into the cool coconut chutney and sambar.

4. Maggi Points on Mussoorie Road: Take a stroll down memory lane at this location. With each taste, these eccentric stands transform instant noodles into gourmet dishes that bring back memories of childhood in a range of flavors.

5. Ghantaghar: A trip to Sharma Chole Bhature in Ghantaghar is a must for every street food excursion. Any fan of Punjabi cuisine should definitely taste the fluffy bhaturas and creamy, spicy chole served at this legendary restaurant.

Why Dehradun Food Is So Famous

Dehradun Street food is famous for several reasons, including its rich cultural heritage, diverse culinary influences, and the quality of ingredients used in the dishes. Here are some factors that contribute to the fame of Dehradun’s street food:

Rich cultural heritage: The history of street cuisine in Dehradun stretches back to the time when the city was a well-liked hill outpost for British colonial officers. Street food sellers would set up shop close to the colonial bungalows during this time and serve the guests a range of foods.

Diverse culinary influences: The street food in Dehradun is a reflection of the varied culinary influences and rich cultural legacy of the city. Most of the city’s food is Garhwali, but you may also get North Indian, Pahadi, and real Chinese and Tibetan cuisine.

Fresh ingredients and traditional recipes: Dehradun’s street food vendors are well-liked by both residents and tourists due to their fresh ingredients, traditional cooking methods, and reasonable costs.

Popularity among locals and visitors: Both residents and tourists like eating on the streets of Dehradun, and many tourists make it a point to sample some of the city’s well-known cuisine while they’re there.


Dehradun is a city which is famous for its street food. From bun tikki to gravy rolls, the city offers a wide range of street food that you must try. In this article, we have mentioned 20 most famous street foods in Dehradun that you must try. So, next time you are in Dehradun, do try these delicious street foods and experience the city through its food.

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