Big Katla Fish: Record-Breaking Catch Amazes Bangladeshi Fishermen

Bangladeshi fishermen were left amazed when they encountered a remarkable Big Katla Fish in September 2018’s Padma River. While most Catla fish weigh about two to 2.5 kilograms, this particular specimen weighed in at an astounding 18 kg (18 kg Big Katla Fish Bangladesh). Locals reported never having witnessed such an enormous fish before in Bangladesh – making this record-breaking discovery an unexpected and remarkable event; indeed they were shocked as this had never before encountered such an enormous fish!

According to reports, the fish was caught near Rajbari’s Golanda. Never before had such a massive Big Katla Fish been captured from this river before Guru Dev Haldar caught it and brought it for sale at Daulatdia Ferry Ghat Terminal. Everyone was stunned and amazed to witness such an extraordinary catch!

Who caught Big Katla Fish

Mohammad Chandu Mollah, a local trader, purchased the fish at an undisclosed cost; one can only imagine its significant size would justify such an estimate.

Fishermen claim that due to an unprecedented heatwave with little rainfall, river levels have significantly dropped, making it easier for them to catch larger species such as rui, catla fish and boal in Manikganj and Pabna districts. While larger hilsa fish had previously been observed in Padma River, this colossal katla fish discovery is truly unprecedented.

this extraordinary catch of a gigantic Big Katla Fish has left Bangladeshians amazed. Due to its sheer size and rarity, this catch made history for Bangladeshi waters and represents yet another record-breaking event in this challenging environment for fishermen – who may discover further incredible species

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