5 Cruise Foods to Avoid for a Happy and Healthy Voyage

11-01-2024 Dipak Jaiswal 

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 Often      made with powdered eggs, they result in a dry texture. Opt for the omelet      station for a fresher alternative.

Avoid Buffet Scrambled Eggs

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 Germ-covered      children may have touched the self-serve handle. Choose staff-scooped      gelato or ice cream bars for a safer option.

Be Cautious with Soft Serve Ice Cream

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Too      many sugary tropical drinks, especially with alcohol, can lead to sea      sickness and stomach discomfort. Consume in moderation.

Limit Sugary Drinks

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 Ensure      buffet pizza comes straight from the oven to avoid dry crust and congealed      toppings.

Check Pizza Freshness

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Freshness is key with      sushi. Avoid buffet sushi to prevent potential health risks.

Skip Buffet Sushi

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