Jharkhand has a number of vegetarian-friendly restaurants that can accommodate groups

26 Dec 2023 Dipak Jaiswal 

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This well-regarded eatery serves a range of vegetarian fare. It is also ranked as one of Ranchi's top restaurants serving just vegetarian food.

Kaveri Restaurant

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 This well-regarded eatery is a terrific alternative for large gatherings because it serves only vegetarian thali selections.

Krsna The Veg Restaurant & Caterers

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 Another Ranchi vegetarian restaurant choice.

Chennai Kitchen

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This eatery is ranked among Ranchi's greatest for serving only vegetarian food.


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 This eatery is well-liked for its vegetarian fare and provides only vegetarian thali selections.

Dhani Kitchen

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Rajdhani Thali is an additional choice for Ranchi's 100% vegetarian thali cuisine.

Rajdhani Thali

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 This restaurant in Ranchi is also noted as serving only vegetarian thali.


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