Kitchn's crockpot layers pasta, sauce, ricotta, and mozzarella, ready in an hour on high—no boiling.

Dipak Jaiswal                      16 Dec 2023

Ziti in a Hurry

Busy Baker's crockpot soup needs little effort. Blend with cream for a hearty dinner in just 3 hours.

Carrot Ginger Simplicity

Kitchn's crockpot recipe with fresh tortellini, sauce, water, spinach, and mozzarella—done in an hour on high.

Cheesy Tortellini Magic

AllRecipes' simple chicken and shrimp gumbo. Set on low for six hours, add shrimp three minutes before done.

Gumbo Ease

 Dinner at the Zoo's crockpot ham and bean soup with dried beans, ham, veggies, and spices. Customizable for vegetarians.

Effortless Ham & Bean Soup

Running in a Skirt's creamy mac & cheese in 2-3 hours on low—a simple, cheesy treat.

Mac & Cheese Convenience

 Simply Quinoa's crockpot Moroccan chickpea soup with butternut squash, red lentils, and spices. Serve with quinoa.

Moroccan Chickpea Feast

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