A trip through renowned Bengali meals, each a delectable work of art from the region.

Dipak Jaiswal                      16 Dec 2023

A warm and homey explosion of flavors with silky catfish or tuna in mustard-infused tomato gravy.

Machher Jhol

 Slow-cooked tender mutton in caramelized onion gravy, a rich, nuanced meaty pleasure.

Kosha Mangsho

 A colorful vegetarian masterpiece of spiced cauliflower stir-fried with poppy seeds, ginger, and spices.

Phulkopir Ghonto

A distinctive and delicious seasonal vegetable combination in a light, mustard-flavored broth.


 Chunky potatoes in a rich tomato-based sauce, a simple yet hearty dish.

Alur Dom

A sweet and tart yogurt dish scented with cardamom and saffron.

Mishti Doi

 A famous Bengali combo of deep-fried, fluffy pooris with spicy, tangy potato curry.

Luchi-alur Dom

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