Explore 6 guilt-free dosa recipes, proving that tasty and nutritious can live in the winter.

Dipak Jaiswal                      16 Dec 2023

For a fiber-protein-packed, fluffy dosa, combine oats, urad dal, and rice. With ghee and coconut chutney, serve.

Oats Dosa

 Replace urad dal with green moong dal for a thin, crispy dosa high in vitamins. Serve with a zesty tomato chutney.

Moong Dal Dosa

 Soaked rice and grated coconut combine to create a South Indian delicacy with a distinct sweetness. With spicy potato masala, serve.

Snow White Dosa

 An Instagram-worthy dosa with the natural sweetness and earthy flavor of beetroot. Serve simply or with a stuffing of onion and tomatoes.

Beetroot Dosa

 A nutty, protein-rich dosa made with quinoa, urad dal, and rice batter. Serve with a refreshing mint chutney.

Quinoa Delight Dosa

 Skip ghee and oil, cook dosas in a non-stick pan with water for a crispy, guilt-free experience.

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These 6 Low Calorie Dosa Recipes Will Rock Your Winters


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