Guwahati is a city with a lot of different cultures and delicious food. It is especially popular with people who love street food.

Dipak Jaiswal                      01 Dec 2023

Going to Guwahati is like going on a gastronomic journey for people who love different ethnic street foods.

Momos: Street food in Guwahati is famous for being delicious, with "Momos" being the best.

Roll: People in Guwahati also like to eat rolls, which are filled with different kinds of veggies, meat, eggs, onions, and sauces.

Payash: is a delicious treat made from rice, palm sugar, cardamom, saffron, and dried fruits. In addition to being sweet, it tastes great.

Silkworms : There are silkworms on the streets of Guwahati. These are tasty treats made from silk larvae that aren't vegetarian.

Lucchi: A popular food in Guwahati, lucchi, which is also known as "Puri," can be found on the streets.

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