RailRestro, RailMitra, eCatering IRCTC, and Zoop are just a few of the platforms that make ordering food in trains simple.

26 Dec 2023 Dipak Jaiswal 

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Online Platforms for Ordering Food in Trains

 Travelers can order food from a variety of restaurants and menus by using their PNR number.

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Ordering Process using PNR Number

To make ordering easier, a few food items are added to the cart during the procedure.

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Convenient Cart Addition

To finish the meal ordering procedure, contact information is input and secure online payments are completed.

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Secure Online Payments

 To ensure convenience, ordered food is brought to the passenger's seat at the designated station.

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Seat Delivery at Designated Station

Accessible payment methods and intuitive user interfaces

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Various Methods of Payment

By utilizing these platforms, travelers may savor delectable and sanitary meals, which improves the quality of their train ride.

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Improved Travel Experience

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