Here are 7 Must Try Street Foods in Noida

01-01-2024 Dipak Jaiswal 

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 These plump, tender dumplings are available in a variety of tastes and forms.


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 Soya pieces marinated in spices and fried on a tawa make up this protein-rich and healthful snack.

Soya Chaap

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 Puffed rice balls that are deep-fried and crunchy, sometimes referred to as pani puri, are eaten with a green chutney.


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 Filled with mutton, chicken, or veggies, these are thin, crispy, and delectable Indian bread rolls.


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A mainstay of Indian cooking, paratha is a traditional bread made from unrefined wheat and water.


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A popular street food option in Noida, chaat is a broad name for a variety of munchies.


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A favorite among foodies, this street food delicacy combines bhaji, a spicy potato stew, with pao, an Indian baguette.

Pao Bhaji

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