here are 5 highly-rated Dosa restaurants in Guwahati that are sure to satisfy your cravings

17 Dec 2023 Dipak Jaiswal 

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Crispy, traditional South Indian dosas. Menu selections include masala dosas and fluffy rava dosas.

Namma Chennai Dosa Express

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A family-friendly sanctuary for dosa fans. Portion sizes are generous, with contents like spicy potato masala.

Dosa Plaza

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A warm and inviting atmosphere for a relaxing dosa experience. Fresh, high-quality ingredients are used to make dosas.

Khushboo Restaurant

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Perfect for a quick dosa breakfast or lunch. Dosa variations that are both traditional and inventive, such as cheddar chili onion dosa.


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Upscale elegance with great delectability. Dosas toasted in ghee that melt in your tongue.

Vaibhavam Sweets and Restaurant

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