If you are a vegetarian and come to Guwahati then I will tell you the top 5 100% vegetarian restaurants in Guwahati.

Dipak Jaiswal                      02 Dec 2023

In North East you get non-vegetarian food in basically every restaurant but these restaurants are pure vegetarian

Govind's is a bright, homey restaurant with a cheerful vibe & a menu of familiar multi-cuisine fare. Location – Paltan Bazar

Pure Desi is a vegetarian restaurant with lake views. Location - Dighalipukhuri

Sitaram Bhojanalaya Pure Veg is a vegetarian restaurant Location - Fancy Bazaar

Nandadulal Pure Veg is a vegetarian restaurant, Location - Six Mile

Raj Hotel And Vegetarian Restaurant is a vegetarian restaurant, Location - Assam Trunk Rd

Makhan Bhog Restaurant is a most popular veg restaurant, Location - Bhangagarh

Gopal Maharaj Restaurant is a famous veg restaurant in Guwahati, Location - Fancy Bazaar