Virat Kohli surprises fans with an Instagram Story that appears to be 'chicken tikka.'

Dipak Jaiswal                      15 Dec 2023

It's not actual chicken, but rather a plant-based substitute called as'mock chicken tikka.'

It tastes like chicken and is made of soy protein, wheat gluten, textured vegetable protein, and pea protein.

Virat praises the maker, Blue Tribe Foods, and says, "You've really nailed this."

Blue Tribe Foods posts a video of the dish, dubbed "Virat-approved," to emphasize the legitimacy of the vegan counterpart.

Kohli's decision to become a vegetarian in 2021 is motivated by health worries following a scare during a South Africa Test in 2018.

Kohli experienced cervical spine troubles, shaky fingers, stomach issues, and high uric acid levels during the Centurion Test.

In 2021, Kohli publicly declares his vegetarianism, constantly publicizing its benefits on social media.

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