Iron-rich foods such as fortified bread, nuts, seeds, dark leafy greens, and tofu are essential for maintaining energy and regulating body temperature.

Dipak Jaiswal                      15 Dec 2023

Iron for Vitality

Antioxidant-rich vitamin A fosters bone, tooth, and immunity. Eat spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes, lentils, tomatoes, and apricots in winter

Vitamin A for Wellness

Boost immunity and combat winter diseases. Eat carrots, beetroot, green leafy veggies, kiwi, fruits, and tomatoes to enhance immunity

Immune-Boosting Vitamin C

 Eat vitamin D-rich foods such fatty fish, COD liver oil, egg yolks, and cheese to combat immunity and bone issues.

Sunshine Vitamin D

Promotes wound healing, growth maintenance, and free radical protection. Add eggs, shellfish, black-eyed peas, wheat germ, and tofu to your winter diet.

Zinc for Winter Defense

Folic acid, often known as vitamin B9, promotes healthy cell growth. Oranges, bananas, eggs, broccoli, spinach, and lentils are winter sources.

Folic Acid for Cell Growth

To boost immunity and well-being in winter, eat iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, and folic acid.

Winter Nutrients for Health

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