Are you ready for a delicious trip through the streets of Bathinda?

22 Dec 2023 Dipak Jaiswal 

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 Chole bhature, rajma chawal, and aloo tikki are some of the famous and cheap North Indian street foods.

The Street Food

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mostly Punjabi and North Indian Food. Their signature meals are tandoori dishes, curries, and biryanis.

Second Street Restaurant

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kachoris which are crispy and crunchy and can be filled with different things like potatoes and peas.

Vinod Kachori Wala

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Picture dosas that are so thin they crackle and pop on your tongue with each bite, releasing a melody of fermented lentil and rice batter.

Sagar Ratna

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 As you walk down Mall Road in Malviya Nagar, you can smell the delicious smell of fresh pizzas and bread that is baking.


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